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what’s up tomorrow

14 maart 2013 - 18:12

tomorrow the world cup slopestyle in czech republic will start off. we had 3 days of training with 180 guys but its so hard to ride in this cores. its all icy and really hard to ride through the cores. the cores set up opens up with a spine in to a 3 hit half pipe with 2 … read more


26 februari 2013 - 20:02

today was a really nice day beautiful weather out. and i was riding with dimi and dolf and trainer jonte in the powder.  we had really nice morning session end so much fun again cant to do it again. next week the dutch camps starts. and it will be cool to hang out with the dutch … read more

New sponsor !!

13 februari 2013 - 16:11

whoo so stock i joint the TW steel company. can’t wait to show you how cool TW steel watches are the are the best so check it out http://www.twsteel.com

first world cup slopstyle

11 januari 2013 - 8:42

yesterday the first worldcup slopstyle was going off . we had  2 days training but only 5 runs. because you had one hour of training in a day .on the start list where 120 riders and the best riders from every country. it was the highest level riders in one competitions. so really sick to … read more

week of training at keystone

16 december 2012 - 6:39

hay every one. we had a nice trainings camp in the usa colorado we fly out at the 26 of november for 3 weeks of training we rent a really nice house here with a Jacuzzi  pool table and one of our team buddy borrow us game console. so a good set up to start with first day of training … read more